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Jewish Tour in Florence
This is to say that my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Florence in the company of Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld ( and that our tour was exceptionally informative and pleasant thanks to her presence. I had come to Florence to write an article for the World Jewish Digest about the Jewish aspects of this European city-museum and frankly, she had all the answers to all the questions which readers of this target publication, including myself, could imagine. She knew everyone that one needed to know in the Florence Jewish community and was also exceptionally well connected and informed when it came to the historical and artistic treasures of the city as a whole. I strongly recommend Ms Rosenfeld as a serious and exceptionally well-read guide of Florence for any visitor. And for those visitors who are also interested in the history of the city’s ages-old Jewish community, she is irreplaceable. Yours sincerely Bernard Edinger Journalist, Paris, France
B. Edinger
Paris, USA   03/04/2010

Jewish Florence Guided Tour
My personal philosophy is that by studying Jewish history you end up studying- and understanding- the world. This is what Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld conveys so well during her Jewish tours of Florence. In December 2008 my husband,two sons, and I were lucky enough to book Giovanna’s 6 hour walking tour. There was not one moment wasted- every block, every step, every building, and every stone had a fascinating story. And this was on our way to the famous sites and museums that had fascinating histories of their own. Jewish influence in art and architecture, the nature of the ghetto, and the relationship between the Jewish community and the Florentine community were just some of the topics discussed during this tour. This tour was one of my life’s highlights and the information learned made it easy to follow up on reading because Giovanna has a way of making Florence really come alive. Her map of Jewish Florence was a special treat. Not only do I recommend this tour to Jews, but especially to non-Jews who will get a different perspective on Florentine life.
Mindi Snoparsky-Lammendola
Philadelphia, PA  USA   04/19/2010

Giovanna Rosenfled conducted a fantastic tour of Jewish Florence including sites of general and Jewish interest, weaving in history, architecture, politics and art in a way that was both exciting and memorable. My day spent touring with her was the highlight of a fantastic fouyr days in beautiful Firenze.
Judy Bloom , Hillsborough, CA   USA   11/24/2007

I had a really delightful tour of Florence, including Jewish Florence, with Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld ( She really knows the city - all aspects, its history from medieval time until today, its art, its architecure and its people. Her English is flawless and her energy is boundless.
Eitan Fiorino, Teaneck, NJ   USA   12/20/2007

Last week, my wife, daughter, son and I had the most interesting and enjoyable experience with Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld of We scheduled a 6 hour tour of Jewish Florence with her as our guide. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone, Jewish or not, who would like to see essential sites in Florence. She was able to reserve tickets to the Academia and the Uffizi, saving us considerable waiting time, thus allowing for more opportunities to see what we were interested in. In addition to the Academia and the Uffizi, with their incredible collections of art, Giovanna took us to the Synagogue, and explained the rich cultural history of the Jewish people in Florence. We went to the site of the Jewish Ghetto and saw, through visuals Giovanna had, how it looked when it was in existence. Giovanna is a native of Florence, and a trained artist, so she was the perfect person to show us one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If I can be of any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Scott Richardson, West Palm Beach, Fl, USA

My girlfriend and I just returned from Florence and Venice. My primary interest was Jewish because some of these things will not always be around. I found Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld on a list I was given by the Jewish Community in Florence, and also on We enjoyed her tour immensely. She went all out to do the very best for us, was friendly, and is amazingly well-informed. She is a fount of knowledge. She did the secular things like "David" as well as the Old Jewish Cemetery and the beautiful Synagogue and Museum. She cared very much about making the tour good for us. We recommend her highly. Just last Sunday, March 4, 2007, we were touring with her!
Blanche Gewirtz (Silver Spring, MD   USA   03/11/2007)

We were traveling on a Mediterranean Cruise last summer, with stops in Italy. Because we are Jewish, we hoped that we, our children, and our friends would have the opportunity to visit some Jewish sites in Italy, rather than the usual tours of churches and other Christian sites. We were so fortunate to find Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld on the Internet and pre-arranged a day of touring with her in Pisa and Florence. She hired a private driver and van, met us at our cruise ship in Livorno, and showed us a splendid day.
It is so crucial, especially when on a tight schedule as we were, to utilize time wisely. Giovanna is clearly an expert at knowing what Jewish adults and children would enjoy during a visit to Pisa and Florence. We were able to visit and see all of the important landmarks, both Jewish and Christian, during our limited amount of time there (and we did not feel rushed!). She took us to a delightful, reasonably priced, restaurant in the main square of Florence for lunch where we did not have to wait. Giovanna is thoroughly knowledgeable about art, architecture, and history and all of her stories were engaging and interesting. Her love of Italy is contagious. We give her our highest recommendations and hope we can travel in the region again with her.
Susan and Allen Noorily (San Antonio, Texas, December 2006)

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Italy was our tour of Jewish Florence with Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld. As an architect, she has the expertise in the history of Florentine design. Along with this she has great passion and knowledge of Jewish history. We took her six hour customized tour of the Synagogue, Jewish Museum, Ghetto, the Medici Chapels, Bargello Museum and famous landmarks. Giovanna is well organized, witty, and a real pleasure to be with! We highly recommend her tours.
Janis and Steve Chandler (Bothell, Wa.   USA   10/25/2006)

The tour that Giovanna gave for the ‘European Seminar’ was excellent. It is impossible to imagine a visit at the old Jewish Florence without the historic background of her guided tour.
Itzhak Dahan, The Jewish Agency, W.Z.O (Jerusalem, Israel)

Giovanna captures the essence of Jewish life in Florence through out its history. She also has an excellent and wonderful ability to weave together the history and architecture of Tuscany. Her tour was the highlight of our trip.
Bruce and Rae Hirsch (Nashville, TN, USA)

We had the most marvellous time with Giovanna. She understood what we wanted to do and how we wanted to spend our time in Florence, even procuring tickets ahead of our visit so that our limited time was optimally enjoyed. She put together a day that was paced just right and was able to intelligently and patiently address the questions, interests and needs of a family group that consisted of grandparents, parents, a young adult, a teenager and an adolescent (no small feat). She is organized, knowledgeable and a real treasure. We are so appreciative and consider Giovanna a new friend!
Rabbi Sharfman and the Morris family (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

A charming view into the Jews of Florence from the beginning. Lively, fascinating insights into the surprising relationship between the Jewish and Christian Communities over the centuries.
Fran and Dave Elovitz (Natick, MA, USA)

A Jewish Florence?!
Giovanna Bossi really makes the unknown story of Jews in Italy come alive. Highly recommended.
Paul Karasik ( West Tisbury, Ma.   USA)   04/18/2006

We wanted a tour of Florence that concentrated on its Jewish history and art as well as a general tour of the city. Our travel agent put us in touch with Giovanna Bossi-Rosenfeld. What a find that turned out to be! Giovanna has an incredible background in art, art history, architecture and is a teacher at one of the universities in Florence. She grew up in Florence and has a special interest in its Jewish history and art. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is perfectly fluent in English. She took us all over including some of the little seen or known corridors of the Ufizzi over Ponte Vecchio. We had a fantastic time. We highly recommend her tours.
Randy Fishleder <email> ( Cedar Rapids, IA   USA)   04/27/2006

Our family spent twelve days in Italy this past summer. We have 2 boys,ages 16 and 13, and each of them was allowed to plan the itinerary for one day. Our oldest discovered Giovanna on the internet and chose to do the Jewish Florence tour. It could not have turned out better. From the moment she met us at our hotel her love and knowledge of all things Florentine was evident. She has an abundant knowledge of the art, history, and architecture of this city, and is able to present it in a way that seemlessly interrelates the three. More important, she was able to do it in a way that was interesting to both the adults and teenagers in the group, which is no easy feat with my boys. We learned much about Florence's past in general, and of specific interest to us its Jewish past. I highly recommend Giovanna to anyone looking to get insight into these aspects of Florence's history.
The Roots, Tampa, Florida. June 2010