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Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld
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How did Jews live in Florence at the time Michelangelo was sculpting the David?

Hidden in the city that all the world knows and loves is another Florence: a Jewish Florence!

What was life like for Jewish people in Florence when Botticelli painted the “Primavera”? Or at Galileo’s time? And what is life like for Jews in Florence, today?

Giovanna Bossi Rosenfeld, a native historian of Florentine architecture and licensed tourist guide, specializes in tours of Florence from a Jewish perspective. She makes Jewish history come alive through her knowledge, stories and by actually taking you to the places where Jewish history was made and is still alive. You will have an insider’s view of a Jewish Florence not found in guidebooks.

Giovanna is the author of the map and text of "Jewish itinerary in Florence" on behalf of the local Jewish Community, printed by APT (Florence Tourist Office). She collaborated to both editions of "The complete Italy Jewish Guide" by Meyer Piha for Florence and Tuscany chapter for which she designed the map of "Jewish Sites and Utilities in Florence".